BVM Internet Marketing
You definitely want to increase your website traffic and not just any traffic but very targeted traffic which will convert to leads at a much better rate. And depending on your sales cycle, the business leads will subsequently convert to sales thus increasing the revenue and profit of your organization. We at will understand your business and prepare a customized digital marketing proposal including search engine marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing based on your needs and marketing budget. We also do multi variate testing and optimization of ad campaigns and landing pages to reduce the lead acquisition cost for the client which is a great boon in the long run. An account manager and a backup contact point will also be provided for the client's marketing campaign. Emphasis will be laid on regular monitoring of the campaign, quality analysis of different metrics, regular reporting and fine tuning of the campaign.Enhancing business value for the client is our motto.

TopTourPackages provides highly targeted marketing services to a network of travel companies and tour operators. At the same time it also provides travel information and services to the globe trotting travelers. Top Tour Packages intends to cater to the needs of outbound, inbound, domestic and international travelers.

Contentmixi is our market place for digital products like website templates, logo designs, articles where businesses as well as free lancers can upload their digital products and sell it via the platform. The sellers manage the price of the products as well. The buyers get a great variety to select from at reasonable costs. There are many digital products in different verticals like entertainment, sports, fashion, real estate, technology amongst others. There is an interesting affiliate marketing opportunity too for the online affiliate marketing community.